• First of all, welcome to my Danish website – in English. Second, please allow me to introduce my humble self:  I may not be the man of wealth and taste... Læs mere
  • If you fly fish a lot, you know that some situations almost require the use of a well designed line tray. If you are walking the sandy or rocky... Læs mere
  • Angling Denmark: Welcome Welcome to my home country which was once featured by Shakespeare in his famous play “Hamlet”. Fortunately, not everything is rotten in the state of Denmark… Angling Greenland:... Læs mere
  • Made entirely from Flashabou, this synthetic Danish saltwater fly has taken fish and fishermen by storm. Read the story about the Christmas Tree – “Juletræet” in Danish – which I invented... Læs mere
  • Seatrout are avid hunters. At the same time they are true soldiers of fortune – always on the lookout for an easy meal. Thus they can be found almost... Læs mere
  • Despite it tiny size, Denmark continues to produce the world’s largest sea run brown trout. In 1991 a new record sea trout weighing a whopping 16.7 kilos (36 lbs.... Læs mere
  • A harsh and cold environment in the minds of most people, Greenland nevertheless has a single salmon river! And thousands of rivers and lakes teeming with Arctic char… The... Læs mere