Angling in October

Closing soon: The River Guden

The River Guden Association held its annual angling competition in September. The purpose of this competition being to raise money for further stocking of the river with true River Guden sea trout.

This work is being done by local fishermen on a volutary basis and fish are raised at the association’s own hatchery in Skibelund near Bjerringbro. This work resulted in many sea trout being caught. Salmon too were plentiful.

Apart from this, October in general marks that the end of season in the rivers of East Jutland is getting closer. So if you want to catch a salmon or sea trout in one of our rivers, now is the time to do it. The fish are there already!

Apart from the mighty River Guden, the Kolindsund Channel sare another good bet this time of year.

Large pike in skinny water

Below the surface of the many lakes in East Jutland hectic activity is going on in October. Pike are extremely well fed this time of year, and the water temperature is just perfect for them. Because of that you may find surprisingly large pike finning around in surprisingly shallow water – pike that until now have stayed in the cool depths of the lake.

Hotspots for October pike are Lake Glenstrup, Lake Fussing, Silkeborg Langsø and many of the other lakes in the Silkeborg area. Here you may also enjoy some good fishing for pikeperch – best at the end of October when the water starts clearing up after the heavy algal blooms of summer.

Julsø is always a good bet when it comes to fishing for pikeperch – Lake Borre and Brassø equally.

If you fancy the delicious fillets of perch, October is also a prime month. Perch have been feeding heavily all summer long, putting back on the weight that they lost during the spawning time of spring. Lakes offering good perch fishing are Lake Ravn, Lake Fussing and Lake Glenstrup to name a few.

Shoreline cod at dusk

It is high time for catching cod from the beach and will be so for the next two months. Now the water temperature is again low enough for cod to thrive in, so now they are leaving the cold of the depths in favor of the rich feeding found closer to shore.

As always cod are on the lookout for their favourite food – crisp crustaceans like crabs! They vaccuumclean the kelp beds for these delicacies and doing so they become very vulnerable to red and yellow shoreline woblers fished slowly just above the bottom.

If you are a fly fisherman you may try casting realistic and drab looking crab flies. But you should know that quite often cod prefer the gaudy coloured flies to the realistic ones…

As always you should pay special attention to the hours before and just after sunset. This is when you will find most cod within reach of your casts from the shoreline.

The beautiful shores of Djursland are truly the hotspots of October – whether you fish for cod or would like to try your luck for sea trout.

Fine flatfish for the frying pan

The largest flatfish of the year are always caught in late summer or early autumn. The reason being that then the fish have fully recovered from the strenous spawning period of spring. Now they are fatter and heavier than ever, and for that reason October is a very fine time for pursuing flatfish.

Use a traditional paternoster type rig with two hooks hanging from the main line in short pieces of nylon with weight attached to the end of the line. Hooks should be longshanked #4-6 so as to be easily removable from the mouths of hooked fish.

They should be baited with lug worms that can be bought in most places close to the beach – if you don’t want to dig your own at low tide that is. Slices of herring may also be used and are always easy to get hold of – even in the supermarket!

But beware that herring slices are but emergency bait compared to lug worms – unless you fish strictly for brill and turbot both of which are highly predatory fish. Fresh sand eels make an even better bait for these fish if you can get them.

The Bay of Ebeltoft is one of the hotspots of East Jutland when it comes to flatfishing. When it comes to turbot it is probably one of the best spots in the whole country. If you fancy tasty flounders, the mouths of Bay of Mariager and Bay of Randers are well worth a visit in October.

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