To Whom It May Concern

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Dear Reader of this:

Below please find some hopefully useful information about me and my doings. I have contacted you with one or more of the following caps on:

  • As a fisheries biologist, M.Sc., from the University of Aarhus, Denmark
  • As the previous headmaster of The International School of Languages at Kalø
  • As a well known book author with 31 paper books and 18 e-books being published
  • As a widely published outdoor writer with hundreds of articles to my credit
  • As a short-lived but somewhat famous TV personality with 12 TV programs to my belt
  • As a keen and widely travelled fly fisherman with more than 65 countries visited
  • As the inventor and manufacturer of the revolutionary “TriangleTray” flyline basket
  • As a widely published outdoor photographer and lecturer of all things wet and fishy
  • As founder and co-owner of the Scandinavian flyfishing magazine: “Flugfiske i Norden”
  • As the founder and present owner of the website dating back to 1998.

You may download an ePub sample of my e-book “Fishing the World – Catching them All” from Amazon or Apple’s iBook Store. Or you may download the full book as .pdf from my server if you like.

Just let me know and I will send you a link for a free download of the complete book – as a pdf for you to read on any device, be it iOS or Android, Mac or Windows. All 170 pages of it. Just let me know.

Since 1974 I have been guiding fishing trips to all over the world – Alaska, Greenland and Iceland being but a few of the destinations covered. All great destinations well worth a visit, fly rod and camera in hand.


I would be very happy to hear back from you. Feel free to ask samples of my production which is showcased on my personal websites mentioned below – albeit most of them in Danish language.

Among the many, many articles in Danish that this site contains,  you will find some 20 articles in English language on fishing in Denmark and Greenland. Just click the English flag on the frontpage of this site:

Or if you want to go fishing in my neck of the woods, turn to my other website:, where all necessary information about fishing in East Jutland is available in Danish, English and German. – Read and enjoy!

If you want to know about angling tourism and fisheries management and how the two interact, then take a look at

If you want to see samples of my photography, there is no better way to go than Instagram where you will find me under my secret cover name: steenulnits. 5.000+ photos dealing with nature. All captions in English.

Finally, you might take a look at my FlickR account where I am also hiding under the same secret steenulnits cover name. This is my fish bragging site so be warned.

This all ought to give you an idea of who I am and what I do. Thanks for your attention and patience. Both are highly appreciated.

Best regards from Denmark,

Steen Ulnits
Fisheries biologist, M.Sc.
Skytten 116, Fiskergården 2
DK-8920 Randers NV
D e n m a r k

Phone int. +45 2332 8988