“Confounds the Science”


  • Hello darkness my old friend
  • It’s time for him to tweet again
  • But first he’ll have to check in with Fox News
  • ‘Cause that’s the only place he gets his views
  • That’s how things
  • Get planted in his brain
  • Where they remain
  • And it confounds 
  • The Science
  • The problem is he’s not alone
  • He tweets to people on his phone
  • That global warming is a giant hoax
  • Perpetuated by the Liberal folks
  • And he hires 
  • People that all think the same
  • That play his game
  • And it confounds
  • The Science
  • When he talks to crowds of four
  • He sees 10,000 maybe more
  • Believing they all think he’s God on Earth
  • And was the product of a virgin birth
  • And if you disagree
  • You’re the victim of fake news
  • Or feminist shrews
  • And it confounds
  • The Science
  • “Fools”, says he, “you do not know”
  • “It makes me smart from so much dough”
  • “I know exactly where the problems are”
  • But his solutions are beyond bizarre
  • ‘Cause his words
  • Never quite a sentence make
  • And thus he spake
  • And it confounds
  • The Science
  • No limits on pollution now
  • There’s not a thing we don’t allow
  • Dump the garbage in the waterway
  • Spray the toxins where your children play
  • All the signs that life on the planet
  • Is headed for a downward fall
  • Go to the mall
  • And continue to confound
  • The Science

“Confound” kan her bedst oversættes med “forplumre”.

Frit efter Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” – her i den alternative og let sarkastiske udgave:

Og her den amerikanske rapper Eminem’s lidt mere hadske hyldest til samme Donald Trump:

Og i en amerikansk satirikers rammende streg:


Donald Trump, President of the United States of America:

“Grab them by the pussy”

– Ak ja…